NaviFOG Fogging Disinfectant




Listed price is per single unit, contact us on directly for discount on multiple units.

ONE-TIME Use Fogging Disinfectant for the control of gram positive
and gram negative bacteria, viruses (including Coronavirus, Poliovirus, Calcivirus,
(FCV), Hepatitis A) and fungi.

Disinfectant Area of 15 square meters. Fogging mist disperses through hard-to-reach
areas, eliminating bacteria, viruses and fungi leaving the area disinfected.

WHO:  The content of this product is certified by WHO (World Health Organization)
and registered by the United States Environmental Protection Agency list
N: Disinfectants for use against SARS-CoV-2 – CAS no. 111.30.8

Ideal for Automotive Use.  Contains no Bleach, Hydrogen Peroxide or any Ammonia
based cleaners.


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