Advantages of a Clip-On Tonneau Cover over a Soft Rope/Elasticated Bakkie Cover

 A Clip-On Tonneau Cover is fitted to a high quality aluminium frame and not directly onto your vehicle.  There is NO friction between the cover and vehicle causing paint damage, resulting in rust.  Less movement, noise and vibration is moving.  No leaking of water to damage valuables.  No sagging of cover, knots or ropes fraying. […]

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About us

Tusker Covers is a South African Company that was born from brothers with successful entrepreneur backgrounds. Together the Company is headed up by individuals with more than 30 years of experience in the South African Market and Motor Industry.

We found a need for a locally produced Clip-on Tonneau Cover which is suited for our South African market.  Thus Tusker Covers was born.  Our high quality raw materials have been sourced locally from reputable suppliers.

Our uniquely recognisable logo – Tusker the “vlakvark” is representative of local, rugged, strength, toughness and reliability. All qualities we have incorporated in our service and product.

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